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Compressed Air Leak Survey - view of plantLeak Inspection & Repair

Compressed air is one of the most costly utilities in a facility today, unfortunately many plants are in operation with huge leakage rates and many are unaware of these costly leakages.

A simple program of leak inspection and repair can go a long way towards reducing excessive energy costs.

Compressed Air Leak SurveyA Detailed Report

IRT Consult Compressed Air Leak Surveys can save your facility money by helping to reduce excessive energy costs.

Our technicians will conduct a thorough survey of your site, locate all air leaks and provide you with a detailed report including photographs, actual cost per leak and recommendation as to repairs required.

The surveys are conducted without having to interfere with the day to day running of your business with large areas of plant being able to be surveyed in a single day.

What The Survey Involves

We deploy ultrasonic sensing equipment to conduct our surveys and typically our surveys follow the format below:

Technician carrying out a Compressed Air Leak Survey
  1. Walk through your plant to observe misuse of compressed air such as valves left wide open also determining the best route for inspection.
  2. Leaks are located using sensitive ultrasonic sensing equipment, and as each leak is identified it is tagged and it's size and location logged as well as photographs taken of the leak and location.
  3. When survey is complete a debrief meeting is held with the plant/facilities manager to discuss the survey and our findings.
  4. A comprehensive report is compiled which contains details of each leak including location, size, cost of leak and repair recommendations.

The report which we issue is able to be downloaded from our secure online web server area, and login details are provided at time of receipt of order. The report is normally issued within 4 days of survey completion.

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