Aerial Surveys

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If you have large tracts of land or large roof areas to be inspected then we have the perfect solution for you, with an IRT Consult, UK. Aerial Thermographic Survey. With an Aerial survey it is possible to survey vast areas in a relatively short time frame.

Survey from the air is suitable for the following

  • Flat roof surveys (Multiple Properties)
  • Location of buried services i.e. steam/hot water lines
  • Location of illegal burning of waste
  • Location of buried waste
  • Checking for sources of pollution of waterways
  • Overhead powerline inspection
  • Inspection of gas pipelines for leaks
  • Animal census e.g. Seal counts, Deer counts etc.

Whatever your requirements we here at IRT Consult, UK. will work with your staff in finding the best solution for you.

Contact IRT Consult, UK. now to arrange a thermographic survey.